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Uniquely Different.
Veggie Burger.

Heart healthy.
Protein packed.

EN Vegan Image
The Best Tasting Vegetarian Burger

With the perfect mix of peanuts, chickpeas, and spices,
Earth Nut® created a delicious heart-healthy, protein-packed burger.

New Mexican Hatch Chilli
Amped up with New Mexico green chilis, this burger delivers...
Texas Mesquite BBQ
This burger serves up heart-healthy nutrition with a tangy, smoky...
Breakfast Sausage
Go meatless for the most important meal of the day...
Original Savory
Our original product, this mix of peanuts, chickpeas and spices...

Providing several nutritional benefits for vegetarian and vegan diets, including valuable plant protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Earth Nut Veggie Bowl

Meatless Crumble

The Earth Nut Process

Turn our burger into a vegetable meatless crumble.

Plant-based meatless crumbles are an easy meat substitute and by using an Earth Nut burger you’re going to get a punch of protein.

Skeptical of the taste and texture? Our products are peanut-based, instead of soy, they do not taste like peanuts or peanut butter. When using our product as crumbles, they take on an earthly, bean flavor.


Helping the Planet
One Earth Nut
Patty at a Time.

Helping the Planet One Earth Nut Patty at a Time.

Our products mean more for you and the earth!