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Earth Nut® Foods Launch Uniquely Different Veggie Burger

MELBOURNE, FL. (April 26, 2021) Earth Nut® Foods launched a uniquely different twist on veggie burgers, that deliver the benefits of protein without soy and artificial ingredients. With the perfect mix of peanuts, chickpeas, and spices, Earth Nut created a delicious heart-healthy, protein-packed burger.

Earth Nut Burgers are the perfect alternative to soy-based burgers, as studies have shown some soy products contain estrogen-like chemicals, and as thought before, soy may not have heart-healthy benefits. Earth Nut burgers are made with simple, organic, plant-based ingredients like peanuts, chickpeas, garlic, and other spices – with no unpronounceable ingredients.

Made in small batches with a careful focus on quality, each batch is made with organic ingredients and products, farmed right here in the USA. This new, exciting, product contains peanuts which are a sustainable ingredient. Peanuts require less water and have the smallest carbon footprint of any nut and can supply up to 90% of their nitrogen.

A great source of protein that is vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free, it’s the perfect option for consumers because of its clean, organic, nutritional value. Thanks to peanuts and their unique composition, peanuts can provide several nutritional benefits for vegetarian and vegan diets, including valuable plant protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

“Earth Nut Foods® is focused on producing sustainable, high-protein vegan foods made from natural ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. We wanted to provide the vegan community, a unique, delicious product, that embraces a more conscious lifestyle,” said Keith Gross, Founder, Earth Nut Foods. “We took protein-packed peanuts and combined them with other legumes, to create an alternative to the black bean burgers and meat imitation products. Our product will support the vegan community and offer an alternative to the soy-based and other vegan products already on the market.”

Containing as much 23 grams of protein, 13 grams of fiber, and no cholesterol, Earth Nut Burgers appeal to vegans, vegetarians, and consumers who are looking to consume a high protein diet. With no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, they are as good for you as they taste. With a savory, nutty, hearty texture, each of the 4 flavors, Original Savory, Hatch Chili, Mesquite Barbecue, and Breakfast Sausage brings a unique flavor profile. They all get their protein punch from peanuts and chickpeas, with a kick of seasonings to satisfy the senses. They are super versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes or topped with traditional ingredients.


Four products are now available for purchase, Original Savory, Hatch Chili, Mesquite Barbecue, and Breakfast Sausage. All products are 100% plant-based, rich in protein (approximately 23g per 100g) and fiber, and are soy-free, with 0 grams of cholesterol and no trans-fat. Our product can be stored frozen or refrigerated. And can be enjoyed baked, fried, grilled, microwaved, and air fried.


Earth Nut® Foods is a uniquely different veggie burger. It has the perfect mix of peanuts, chickpeas, and spices that create a delicious heart-healthy, protein-packed burger. Made with simple, clean, organic plant-based ingredients, made right here in the USA. Earth Nut Foods is on a mission to provide people with healthy and sustainable food without compromising taste. By using peanuts, we’re also helping conserve water and replenish nitrogen in the soil. And if that’s not enough good, we also donate a portion of every box sold to the Tomorrow Foundation. 

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