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Earth Nut Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Earth Nut Breakfast Muffins will help you start your day out right with a high protein, high fiber breakfast that will have you ready for the most Strenuous of days.


1/4Cup Scrambled Tofu
1Teaspoon Vegan Mayo for Taste
1English Muffin
1Slice of Tomato
2Leaves of Spinach
1Earthnut Breakfast Sausage Patty


  1. Cook the Scrambled Tofu and set aside
  2. Cook your Earth Nut Sausage Patty (cook 2 mins each side stovetop)
  3. Lightly Toast your English muffin
  4. Add Vegan mayo to one side of your Muffin.
  5. On one half of your muffin add 1 scoop of scrambled Tofu and place your Cooked Breakfast Patty on top
  6. Place Sliced Avocado, a slice of tomato, and spinach onto your muffin.
  7. Enjoy!

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